Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Feminine Uprising

detail of dress for "Journey to the Center of Being"
paint applique and marker on bridal satin

 from a recent social media conversation:

Deborah Barnes : Sad. Humans afraid to face themselves run from reality, the pain and the fear. This results in being ever less involved in the whole of life. Seeing others as lesser to make that "self"  feel  "better" gets weird fast. Who is judge and what is judged becomes a part of the self actualizing and feeds ego what it thinks it wants, but avoids the truth it needs in order to mature. 

To live in pursuit of  pleasure becomes a real "job" as pleasure lessens with each hit. Like any addiction, this is a mere distort of perception that wears out in the long run. We are perhaps being invited or forced to the next level even as we resist. (Spirit motivation, evolution calling or like i think of it,  all is one saying wakey shakey m'dear) Apparently, we humans like the easy fix.  Trading one great delusion for another is classic. It appears familiar and normal and it is not the solution  or we wouldn't be in this current mess.

K:  Like I said before, I could go deeper and dissect the Franklin Cover Up, and with all things laid out, prove that our society is run by a bunch of owl worshiping pedophiles. When you come to that conclusion, the whole perspective changes.

Deborah Barnes:  okay so what makes an owl worshiping pedophile? I am not debating the illness,  just trying to understand the dis-ease.

K: It's simple, it's lust and desire for power at all costs. It doesn't matter who they hurt and what happens to their souls. And they layer lie on top of lie to make sure the majority of the people alive are none the wiser.

Deborah Barnes:  Lust and desire for power, okay; this is a good start point
Lust is an innate distort of passion.  When passion is observed as something hard to control it appears perhaps "better"  to blame that which makes one run hot-- (the person desired or?) and attach shame to the situation, because in reason that which is not reason is lesser, This goes on to cover a lot of territory under the veil of "don't even go there!" (Greek heritage-Egypt was all many Gods, the  top spot went to "Amen" or Amon right oh! Thus was debuted a formal version of God as King and so King is God. 

Backing this up a bit,  the early fertility goddesses lost their charms (and power)  after trade started creating disputes and weapons were designed to protect the goods and later the "just take the goods" became the excuse to build empires ad nauseam.  This is probably how the male power archetypes surged ahead.
The rise of patriarchy was a golden set up for the early church. 

Okay this is the age of male power domination for a good reason. Howling storms, wolves in the forset, strangers from distant lands swooping in and killing that which they didn't understand, plagues and what all;  there was a lot to fear.  Protecting the group was a good and necessary action. Power derived from this source was no doubt heady and the rush, the addiction started. .

In the interpretation of power another path was unfolding, this one had to do with knowledge and the church went for it. They told the best stories, had the best art and opened it up to the public. They had the power of the "media" going for them. 

To augment their source of revenue and to add value to their services, the church went after the women's roles in village life (Marketing the fear of witches, pagans, devils, demons yup what a sell!) This upped the power of the church, which nabbed control of monarchy. Score! 

Trouble appeared as Henry the 8th, that no divorce/have to have a son thing, and a new church manifested to slay that demon! (1500s) Galileo was incarcerated in Italy for his ungodly observances in same era..(uni-verse in collusion:-) So on the science front, the Illuminati emerged around the same time as the Church of England! 

 Both were defiant sons, models of rebellion against the old rulers. How far do you go to spite "church daddy?" Recently and interestingly, church has been caught for hiding pedophiles, and with "Illuminati" doing similar.. is interesting no? 

Okay all appears a bit too out there, i agree, but that is why it is called insane. As for names, players there seems a bit of the old "i'll show you. I cannot please the god of "perfection" so i will do the opposite. 

The ancient cult idea has lingering lodges, those  Masonic set ups- and so what else might be behind closed doors of so called privilege hiding in plain sight?

A possibility here: In trying to create a safe harbor, without understanding the nature of storms, one invariable plays defense. Those flood proof barriers eventually fail. This takes the appearance of strength and arrogance. But maybe that is just a mask that fools ego, a trick to  avoid facing the fear of the whole self.  

Until we accept fear, doubt, error as ohay there appears to be an overwhelming tendency to bury the flaws, wounds and other "sins" from "self." both are trapped in archaic hand me downs, both need fresh ideas to heal the ancient wounds. 

As in the Renaissance, i am hopeful human beings are at a turning point. Or better, perhaps this time it is a leap. In the new narrative i am working with the reinstated feminine archetype who flings the door of choices wide open. Like a rush of fresh air, she clears the room of stale smoke, cutting through the smoke screens not many even knew were there.

She who was feared is also she who will not be denied, because she is a viable part of the whole of who we all are. She is the frame for life itself, she will help us crack the delusions so we can embrace our whole beingness. She understands the shadow as relative to light. She understands cycles and energy flow. She will free us from chains of our old false beliefs.

FYI: this is not gender specific. we are all a mix of male and female archetype, we are all human first. The balance  this "she" brings, relates to our symbiotic relationship to the planet, viatl energy, the  life dance and is as a welcome addition to consciousness which is  considered to be in the realm of the male archetype . Gaiad Theory is my concept of this basic relationship and how as humans  (other species not ruled out) we are conduits for the interactivity that informs and changes the whole- the whole of consciousness and vital energy. This is at the individual level on out and inward as well (life systems within life systems) This is something to get your head around but once you do you can't  go back!

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Courage to Stop the Fear

photo of poster with digital graffiti
thank you Audioasis and the Grizzled M Srongs

Dear Mr S,
(in response to :

Strategies for Prevention-Oriented Societies

Where you live could impact the state of your physical and mental health.

The National Prevention Council (NPC) chaired by the US Surgeon General, identified strategies for "prevention-oriented societies" in its 2014 National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council Annual Status Report.  This report highlights progress in implementing the National Prevention Strategy and reaching its goal of increasing the number of healthy Americans at every stage of life. Since many of the strongest predictors of health and well-being fall outside of the health care setting, the Strategy envisions a prevention-oriented society where all sectors contribute to the health of individuals, families, and communities. Download the Report."....

What a sad, side stepping report. 

Aren't we mature enough as a species, to face the really big bogeymen?  You know, the ones hidden under the cloak of protection the early bullies (elite) donned back when the god/kings/queens had ultimate power? I am thinking we just went along assuming they had the right stuff to go with it, gods will and all that.  

Then when abusive power became intolerable, the masses (people) would revolt and a new leader stepped up and life went on. Only not much really changed.

EX: Napoleon called himself an emperor because he was not a king, The king was like bad -right? 

For revolts were merely adaptive measures, the ideology was/is merely massaged, but so far has not been ripped apart to analyze the whole from multiple perspectives, until now.

When seen in the realm of personal development, our culture appears to have maintained an early ego construct. The facade is crumbling. Throughout written history, through the rise and fall of power elites in religious, political, social, and corporate clusters there is a common thread and that is the idea of hierarchy. This is a competitive notion swathed in limited access "regulations and rules," making it lossy. It strangles innovation other than that which suits its own purposes!

The ladder of rewards is used to create that "something to lose" sweet spot (Howard Zinn, The People's History of the United States) that stops the lower steppers from getting too close to the "top" as then the  middle protects the higher uppers. This protective device, this middle ground, middle class wall is a barricade. But it is also a cage!

So when the "winner take all" extremism is touted and rewarded, it is as acting against our better interests.  At the end of the day the  one winner with the whole of everything actually has nothing at all. When no one is left to cheer, to reflect  back the glory that "winner" self disappears. Our culture is therefore suicidal.

I suspect these silly, archaic and limiting notions of who "we " are taught to believe  ourselves to be, come attached to the myths, stories and ideas woven into our personal and cultural narratives. They are difficult to extract without focused effort. No matter, we need to go inand investigate, to keep that which supports our best of selves and let go of that which is blocking our true and healthy growth. 

What made the mess will not solve it. Even as we speak about community, connectivity and relationships we have a huge gap in understanding. Our emotional shadow world  has not been explored. This was tossed behind the barricade of "DON"T" and "SIN." 

Problem here is that it is also part of the "who" we are. We need to understand wholeness. We need to understand our dark sides as well as that which shows up as light. 

Consider that our classic run from fear (pain) is why we are now stricken by the consequences of our ways. Global warming, toxic newborns, dehumanization ramp up,  mechanical walls that steal full sensory input/output, more dis-ease etc.  We have ignored our wholeness and our responsibility to the whole. 

We have made a hellish mess of many things. Instead of being at war with life, we can decide to be at peace with the whole of life.

Under the circumstances it looks like we all could do with a makeover. What about getting a new emotional, logical, mindful handle on our personal selfs so that when magnified in the context of the cultural psyche, the result is a manifest of truth, love, peace, happiness, health, abundance and creative curiosity?  What about that?

 It is time to enter stage eyes open. It is time to learn to accept and understand this simply vast and marvelous wholeness.  It is time to accept responsibility, to stop the justification and face saving-  it is time to put on our grown up pants. It is time to work together in the process of the doing, for this is how we can all learn the new ways fast enough to save our lives.

We need to see the wounds in order to heal. We need to be courageously willing to risk the unknown and leap into developing a future of remarkable  health and well being. We need to risk saving our lives, for if not now, when? 

What if we decide to  help each other reach maximal potentials? What if we really get how the sum of the parts are interrelated, are interactive and expansive -for this creates the more. This then becomes the "more" in the whole of all that is possible.
(Gaiad Theory)

When we actualize from these beliefs, what might happen?  Surely it beats the killer, taker  Mad Max nihilism of our old ways? 

Embracing, accepting and respecting  the whole of life, dissolves the power of the bogeyman. I suspect that deep down inside, we all know this.. 

deborah j barnes

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

World by Numbers

Photo collage from 9/22/14 
An homage to the Fall Equinox -everything dies so that everything lives

Numbers are a great tool.  Numbers enhance the human tool kit and through numbers we learned analytical  and relationship concepts.  But then along the way something very absurd happened. Step by rational step, numbers gained importance over other means of seeing, thinking, divining, intuiting, knowing.  We as a species started understanding the world from a self defining aka constricting-window of all that is true and possible.

By focusing on numbers we started to disregard the subtle nuances of our sensual realities. Numbers, like words, are abstracts of mind, useful yes,...but they are not the actual "thing" itself.  I think it is time to remind us of this obvious and yet veiled notion, for it influences what what we create and set into being..

The more we believe in the tool, the more we actualize to fit the tool. ("we actualize our beliefs " A Goswami) Think how apps are made for cell phones and the more we rely on them the more necessary they become.  We are  addicted, chained bribed into utilizing this tool. This is bondage. The better to screw you m'dear! (Nothing personal..you are a market statistic, a digit in the target audience, a dot on the graph)

The corporate application of technology is to enhance their bottom lines. Bottom lines reduce reality to numbers.

This is a coercing force causing dependency on things we have to constantly upgrade. IF this isn't addiction..? Opting out, saying no, effectively culls one from the herd. Entrapment by any other name...

This nifty simulated reality is causing harm!What i was taught to see as the price of progress i now understand to be mere justificsation. I am calling this out!

 Male archetype thinking adapts, mutates but cannot "birth" leaps.

 It is the feminine archetype that gives new life and therefore it is the feminine that is necessary for great leaps in evolution, creativity and no doubt the quantum physical aspect here is feminine too!.

Is this the missing link? Quantum, evolutional, creative leaps are all ancient and yet mystically new in the matter of "serious" research. I suspect this feminine leap ability has been rescuing "life" for a very long time. In a conscious application of mind and matter, might we create these feminine archetype heros to lead us from our old ways and begin our next journey?  Yes.

So though numbers have allowed us to define ourselves ever more in ways that can be counted, measured, worked into formulas that  provide satisfying solutions and allow us to feel in control they  limit our conceptual arenas. Though we point to them proudly and say the world works by the numbers, it is only a belief. No matter how gratifying this might feel, it is a small part of all truth, all that is possible. 

I have the formula for figuring odds in mind here. Though it may be valid for a machine gambling device as it too is man made, in the world of all possibilities it is an insult.

Einstein couldn't convince his peers that " the energy (E) in a system (an atom, a person, the solar system) is equal to its total mass (m) multiplied by the square of the speed of light (c, equal to 186,000 miles per second)."  from the Guardian until he hired a mathematician to write the formula, so he could publish..

Apparently no matter how useful or brilliant an idea, somewhere along the way we were taught to believe that without a mathematical language to illustrate ii, .the idea was useless and/or questionable.

But give it that formula and that same idea can become the holy grail of progress.

Silly humans- as the tool became ever more the master, as accountants counted and the numbers grew they mesmerized the culture and helped create the myths of our current era.  It is time to let them go for they have had their day, we learned and are grateful for the gifts delivered and now the time has come for the new ideas to bloom. It is simply life.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

It's the Story (3) When Love Stops the Fear

Card from my pick during one of the  "Let it Go" Sales. 
This has been a remarkable experience because of the wonderful people i have met this summer. Through them i am encouraged and realize that we are changing and moving away from the stories, patterns, and thoughts that have caged us. We are breaking free from the delusions.

So what now? How? 

I think it is time to go back and unroll the tapes, read the story pulses and start to clarify that "self" we hold dear.

From the initial birth event of shock and change to the conscious "I am here, trusting and alive, we are taping! From  "hi world, good to meet you," onwards.

We naturally reach out to explore, experience, play and resonate with love.We awaken to our senses and recognize the "self" in the whole of life. Yippee!

Then it happens. Mom/Dad or other significant other  is late with the milk.  Discomfort sets in and can lead to panic and panic starts the freak out. ( akin to fear of the Great Mother-C Jung)

The first fear is recorded and the pain channel starts hi-jacking some of our energy. Hurt leads to thoughts of avoidance, we begin building walls and defense modules -all the places demons love- we learn to proceed with caution.

From the unfiltered infant tapes, to the later stories where X happened, we are recording. Now it is time to go in and edit. It is time to free the beautiful, vibrant, loving bits from the clutter of all that footage!

This is how we can reclaim our "authentic spirit/heart being, doing selves." Let's unroll those memory tapes and start the personal (and cultural) editing process.

When the cause and effect of our old stories can be realized and better understood, we can check them against our current knowledge and  decide for ourselves which ones should be kept and which ones can be released.

 Change the story, change the path and see what appears.

I believe our new journey will free us from some "old self' behaviors that got in the way.  Our illusional anchors will dissolve as they were attached to stories we are leaving behind.

Intentionally releasing the stories will free up energy so that we can channel the flow into healthier, more joyful and loving experiences. 

This is who we are.

Fear chased love away, now love can overcome the fear..it is the solution.

Monday, August 25, 2014

It's the Story Part 2

Heartline Hand Vest worn here by her happy new caretaker.
& .she wears it so well!
thank you

 It's the Story -2

Protecting the self has been with our species (and others) since the dawn of consciousness. This relates to our personal births and to the whole of the population. Becoming aware of an "i am" means to be aware of a self both vulnerable and powerful.

With awareness came an expansion of  possibilities and the realization of having something to lose. It got personal really quick!

Survival of the fittest and similar thinking comes from a long ago place in "wake up" history. It served us for a time but is no longer appropriate. Now we have the capacity to understand that everything is connected to everything else and that in this "higher" vision, we are truly one.

The higher ground concept came from a battle scene, according to M Kaku in the book "Hyperspace."  The gang who took the hill had the ability to see the battle in a way those on the ground could not. What appeared as chaos in the midst, was seen as actions in need of orchestrating from the high ground vantage point. This allowed the hilltop gang  to create strategic next steps.

As we are simultaneously unique. wonderful "selfs" and "not" this can be a brain shake. Getting my head around this (and other) quirky juxtaposition- being simultaneously an individual and a part of the whole at once-  is  something that gets better with practice. I know this from experience..it shifts and then voila!

As we have the power to actualize our beliefs (a derivative of quantum physics -The observer affects the observation) and when this energy aligns with the juxtapose we can and will influence matter to manifest for the good of the "me" that is also the "us."  This extends to all of life on this planet and in tune with a living uni-verse (the vital energy connection). So why not go big in this new way? This is truly a next step responsible, loving, inclusive, healthy vision of power. This is Happy Place!

But dreaming isn't activating and i think we really have to rev up with that action stuff.

So saying  "...... we need a new story. It is hard to release the old one until a new one appears." (from "It's the Story" part one)

This is where it gets tricky. We usually don't recognize our acute abilities to dodge.  The "imaginary possible threats" are seen as real and justified from the aspect of tour old story that told us to run for cover or plan to fight. As one real and  imminent threat can became the source of many perceived threats it can appear to be wiser to be "safe" than "sorry."This is not fully true.

Superimpositions that color our lenses and distort true vision are part of our human OS.  Now that we are stuck to a past that cannot embrace the whole of life, we have to get bold and expand our reach and our smarts.

We have to utilize all of our new knowledge in order to weave a new story and upgrade our brains. The machine metaphor stops here. When we reboot the process must include total body awareness, hyper connectivity to all vital energy and instll a heightened sensual appreciation as ours has been  tarnished over the duration of "pure" rationalism.

This means we need brilliant threads from across all the fields and disciplines, cultures and traditions, stores, lore and myths.. We need to embrace that which appears as chaos and realize that this unruliness is vital and only appears to be scary  because we have not reached our "higher" ground.

In the course of change, we can start by knowing  that many of the stories that are  "us"  are faulty. As these flawed tales screw with our lives and are, i believe, inductive as to why change can appear to be difficult, even when ostensibly for the better, we just have to get in and clean up the mess.

In the vast territory of those many unknowns, possible dangers lurk. This means we need stories to shed light on these "new places"  Otherwise the  bogey men in our heads prowl at will in the dark of our imaginations.

This must be why and how fear based cultures-like ours-  survive. (And as entrepreneurial as our species is, many have used this fear thinking as a source of profit, wiring the belief into all aspects of current power tripping)  At this level of thinking it appears to be sensible  to stay on the course with the herd than to dare to leap into that unknown abyss. Hey this place sucks, but that place could be even worse than this place.

Okay, this is all brain twisting and iffy, full of that darkness that cloaks shadows and demons -so why even go there?

No crossing the boundary, no risking of punishment, limb loss or verbal attacks, fewer threats of wildy mysteriosos, all this has a certain appeal. The idea of the known makes us feel in control. Even if we have made a mess, many just adjust their caps and focus on the shallows, while preening at their ability to move crumbs.

To further this 'security of knowns" we collect piles of data and repeat patterns that we adjust and call progress in order to fulfill the expectations of the story we hold near and dear. Numbers make us feel good.

Yes that story of civilization  as a linear expression of "we done good." has a lot of appeal. We are adept at making our wrongness look "right." Bring on the editors, the entertainers and the fireworks, as long as we ignore the demons..we are ust fine.

We have designed such elegant landscapes and charming paths. We have set goals, designed vast systems and lengthy formulas, we pretend to this security of crowds and blaspheme the non- believers. The story rules and we WILL prove it.

Until that day we wake up in the place where the monsters are in our faces.. All the hidden demons have grown  large and unruly, protected by the shadows we dared not investigate too closely.  Now we are forced to acknowledge the larger picture. We are there.

A story that started out to organize and protect us can no longer serve. The story that helped us build cities, rockets, atom smashers and lasar tools is now dueling the things we fear the most.  we need to drag it kicking and screaming into the light. We need to lift the veil of fear that covers half the realm of all that is possible in Free Choice. The ghosts and fears of our stories are as teachers. The monsters are just personality aspects that need facing. This is so do-able!