Thursday, July 14, 2016

Just Recycle that Waste

Another sustainable article that tries to ignore the elephant in the room.

It is hard to read these facts without wanting to scream.

There is no way humans can continue to play the old game of make it, sell it, exploit the world,  grow rich.

Rich in what?

The whol;e story is a bad joke and I am thinking we can do better and must!
excerpt from aan article a friend FYI'D

"The global textile industry is valued at over $1 trillion, ranking as the second largest industry in terms of intensity of trade. Textiles are also the fastest growing sector in household waste. Discounting and low retail prices over the last two decades have led to a dramatic increase in the consumption of clothing, with a resultant rise in textile waste from the consumer. More than three million tons of textiles are thrown away each year in the EU alone.

To address this growing challenge of textile waste, VTT Technical Research Center of Finland and Aalto University are participating in an EU project called Trash-2-Cash. The project brings together designers, researchers, materials suppliers and textile manufacturers from all over Europe to solve the problem by recycling and development of high-performance fibers."

from SocialEarth

I had a feeling before I read it that this article  played the "justification" tuneg. Like recycling in general,  it avoids the issue of too much stuff, too many humans and lack of diversity in the economic, resource construct!  

The smart discourse needs to take the larger picture and the details into focus at one time. This huge expansive vision is do-able if various experts got out of the safe, comfy zones and worked together to understand the complexities of what our species is facing. The old ego needs to step back, take a deep breath and leap into it's less defensive, open, vulnerable and loving side! 

If more people moved out from ideas of owner/worker,  class -I mean really -that is so made up to support its own "reality" and tunnel, linear focus this species might really prove itself incredible!

The entangled energies and possiblities that arrive in Quantum Physics, the natural cycles, evolution and diversity for healthy ecosystems that environmental sciences explore and learning how beliefs  program our lives and can be changed - this kind of knowledge, if spread more widely, would certainly help us re-imagine a world that follows heart, soul, gut wisdom and is aligned with the super reality of a living planet, uni-verse.

So let us proceed! 

So though this old hack of sensibility appears to be trying to maintain status quo utilizing  data and edited knowledge from the past, seems "normal" and comfortable it is not going to solve anything

Thank you!  I needed that.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Bio -ability Surpasses Technology

connected to wild 2016 in process djb

Several centuries ago Sir Isaac Newton, (1642-1727) enchanted the world with his  theory of the mechanistic universe.

“For Newton the universe was a vast machine composed of interacting objects and could therefore be understood as a machine. Newton’s entire view of the universe was based on the concept of inertia. Inertia states that every object remains at rest until moved by another object and every object in motion stays in motion until stopped by another object. Newton’s mechanistic view of the universe was later applied to rationally understanding economics, history, politics and ethics.” (

In popular culture,  the likes of the Bionic Man and Superman, the man of steel, carry on the story of the “better” human.   Women were not left out, consider the charming tales of the Bionic Woman; who else could be a match for the supreme male?

However our bodies are much more than mere machines. We now are beginning to understand  brain plasticity, the immune system, the mind, body, spirit connection, our bodies propensity for health and how life style choices and thoughts actually change our bodies from the outside in and the inside out!

And the biggest "better than"is that our bodies are informed, tuned and supported by a sensual  system that supercedes reason and emotion but interacts with both and the more of what is called life spark and consciousness. Being mindful of the energy the love-ability and the interconnection of energies will help us leap this quasi "reality" our species has erected from what is no longer looking so "mighty."


Friday, March 11, 2016

Journey to Center of Being

fashion into the next story and it is .....having its own way.
Must have something to do with ideas like this:

"beyond consciousness is the mind of nature or the heart , the life this was lost to our collective story in the apparently evolutional trend to control the feminine; we have much to learn about the relationship between the spark and consciousness (local and nonlocal) i believe this relationship is interactive and can deepen our appreciation of the actual life we live on this planet!. The 4th wave feminist theory of everything!!"

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Viv Westwood ..Thank you

"you can change the world, we are the people, we have to. "

Viv Westwood still going strong against the mainstream wind, pushing the tides of change. Doing right, standing tall and well still full of piss and vinegar. Strange phrase to mean "
feminine power"  but thanks to a world of domination, divide and unfounded arrogance, these thoughts float like wasps in the air of social history.

Viv for those who do not know was a punk designer who walked the fine line tween street and couture when there was a line  

Anyway being a hero for the Now Here year of 2016 takes more than words, it takes action and a New Story of who we are and what life means and why we cannot act like kids in toyland ny longer.

(I am working on that, feel free to chime in. Local activism can go beyond protest and create story that will help humans thrive in relationship to the whole life of a living sensual planet.  This is an all connected story. We know enough now to go forward with science, art and LOVE)

Friday, January 1, 2016

Magazine ad on thick paper, collaged, tissue papered and then inked and painted... art fun from consumerist fall out. 2016 feels like the tipping point, the time for an evolved leap in consciousness and actualizations.  We can disengage from the trap of false beliefs and move towards the next dawn of realization. Here's to following love, and putting fear to rest. ( fear must be weary it has been at the "wheel' for ages!)

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

I want to share some research on women’s' history, archetypes, shadow and their connections, past and present.. I want us to share our stories of how we have been impacted by these things and where to go from "here."

This is free aka priceless!

Sharing information, exploring ideas and appreciating that diversity "enriches" experience frames this event. I also like to think about it as a foray into healing the culture and self at once...synchronicity enhances the energy aka raises the vibration.
So come ye pioneers and explorers, ye renegades and poets, curiosity seekers and storytellers..thank you!

December 19, 2015
1-3 pm
Northeast Branch Seattle Public Library
6801 35th Ave NE, Seattle, Washington 98115

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Strong Enough

If the Heart is a muscle
than LOVE is the exercise.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ballard (skate) Bowl RIP

 The Ballard Bowl RIP 

A year or so later the Grindline Ballard Bowl was torn down and a smaller less utilized skateboard bowl was built a few feet from the originals location. You see, that was the official reason to take down another piece of the "commons."

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Trust, Surrender and Rebellion

RE: Accidents happen for a purpose-or do they? 

After a smashing fall a few months ago my take away is yes. I learned to give and receive in a way I would never have encountered on purpose.  A cost of living example that actually reawrds the one paying the price!

I have been learning to listen with my gut and so far  it is the best way to describe the inner knowing channel. What we choose to pick up is a mystery and yet when something reiterates again and again in many ways, through many people and situations, well so be it. I am learning to pay attention and try to learn from the experience. I believe it is how we learn to navigate our soul path, destiny or that potential inside us that struggles to grow.

As our culture doesn't even have a decent vocabulary for this emergence, i am making it up as I go. Many others are doing in kind, so i know i am not alone, though our accounts differ and so do the words. Eventually words will attach and knowledge will spread through the realm.

Anyway, my rather unsettling year seems to be dancing around the concept of  "trusting  others."

It really grabbed me when i slipped on the concrete steps at the UW campus one day prior to April Fool's Day. A gentle rain was falling and i was all psyched by a class in biological evolution. I wanted to see if the leaps would be explored and/or at least get some current information about them.

I was on my way to check out a media/video class across the campus, jostling book bag and handbag and being unmindful. .

So i ran into fate.  A double flight of concrete steps, slippery where the old aggregate had been polished by pedestrians over the years, took me down. 

The thing that irks me is that I almost grabbed the handrail but a voice in my head over ruled this bit of common sense.  That voice belonged to a therapist that had told my dad to not look down, to walk "normal" so his kinetic abilities weren't hampered. (not verbatim, just the essence) That "voice
 of authority" hijacked my brain.  I took a dive and slid down several stairs. According to one witness "i surfed."

Free falling feels slow motion enough to feel regret. I landed and picked my head up, then eased myself into a sitting position. That was as good as it got. Trouble.

Several students gathered around, asking to help, being wonderfully solicitous.  They were adorable and i so appreciated their empathy, concern and just for stopping.  A campus security woman showed up and called 911. One young woman started to go to class then returned, saying she couldn't leave until I was "rescued."  I fell in love with them all.

Now trust for the human being is one thing and trust in the authoritative command is quite another. However sitting there in pain and comforting others, I surrendered to the moment. No anger, no blame or shame or attempts to rewind time was useful at the moment. I surrendered to destiny and changed my position to look for the "lesson." Some days it is all there is!

To be continued.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Divine Pagan

 Take Me to Church by Hozier
We are beings of spirit and consciousness, invigorated by vital energy. We are evolutional by Nature and conscious by Love.

 God is Love (Jesus of Nazareth)

Love is an emotion and a VERB!

We are Born of Stars (M Kaku) and Made of Soil (Dr. Shiva Vandana)

We are Actualizers  of Belief entwined with all other actualizers. (inspired by A Goswami)

We are relationship centric, socially wired and connected.  I suspect that deep down we all know we are part of something larger. ( Patriotism, clubs, churches, community are all surrogates of this expression)

Science and the vast spread of information has set us free to envision a new narrative of meaning, a world that embraces, nourishes and celebrates the divine pagan and how that vitalizes the whole of consciousness and together the uni-verse either expands or contracts. (Gaiad Theory from Journey to the Center of Being in utero )

We are in an interactive whole that is more than a sum of the parts and yet all parts matter. The potential is ours to explore.  We are here to help each other nourish the whole of us for this will optimize our potential, creative curiosities and help us move past our self limiting beliefs.

We are mature enough as a species to understand and appreciate the cycles of nature as gifts, of abundance, diversity and change . Nature is transformative by design.

The storms, volcanoes  and  "chaos" of nature ensure the vitality and renewal of the planet.

Our passionate outbursts, the ability to choose unhealthily are expressions of free will.
 Relativity is to range, as juxtapose is to spark.

Our emotions, rational thoughts and core knowing,  our subconscious minds and our inherited beliefs are all being brought into new understanding. (B. Lipton, D Goleman, others) This might feel chaotic but is, i suspect, just a shaking free, a rebirth, a renewal.

In the whole of energy, in the co creative next, (Barbara Marx Hubbard) the divine masculine and the divine feminine are being embraced. Though the language varies by discourse one can see the emergence in many fields, via many voices.

As shadow needs light and dark, free choice needs "good" and "evil" the whole of our being and doing comes from story via the iconic masculine and feminine (the gamut is a range expressed differently throughout genders. This is natural biodiversity at work) We inherit from the past but  now it is "ours" to reinvent  

As this planet is a gift of the sensual expression of life, I say instead of ascension  and spirit envy why not intentionally enjoy the present human living experience in a healthier, livelier planet embracing, love connecting, sharing realization of the whole.

Why not max out inclusive potential!

You see, i have an idea that without our participation in this realm,  consciousness might lie semi dormant. Joy, love, pain, anger, our curiosity, diversity, ego, creativity, humor, all the capacity, the potential of being, doing is available to each of us here and now. 

Consciousness expands via our actualizations and vice versa.  Ok, i made that up too (Gaiad Theory 2) but i am drugged by the beauty of natural systems, see inert potential everywhere and am not one to make a mess and walk away.

In time we will die and transform as all carbon matter, but for now let us celebrate the Dance of Life.